Tassadrin Ashna

Dragonborn Bard


Criminal Contact
Maer — a halfling woman with one eye, black hair, and usually two swords on her back — is a member in good standing of the Emissariate. While Maer is typically a cold, hardened assassin, she is both capable and willing to work the ballrooms of high society as a spy. She is Tass’ former teacher, and though she holds a fondness for him, their relationship is largely professional. She serves as his confidant within the Emissariate and the wider network of spies, assassins, and thieves therein.

While not technically on the register, Tassadrin was trained by the Emissariate and officially entered into their ranks.

Tass is a warlock of Celestian, who treats the relationship as an apprenticeship. Celestian treats him well, expecting Tass to work in exchange for power and guidance. Their relationship is friendly, and while Celestian is quick to remind Tass how insignificant he is, Celestian often encourages his familiar behavior.


Backstory can be found here.

Tassadrin Ashna

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