Rise of Magic

Adventure So Far: Timeline

Day 1 (Sessions 1 & 2 )

Follow Kobolds through Boarwood Forest, Fight kobolds in Tomb, rescue Black smiths daughter

Day 2  (Session 3)

Return to Clearspring, fight Varscellio outside of town

Day 3 (Session 4)

Varsellio captured at the Tipsy Ferret Bar, he is taken to Taroth and the party follows

Day 4 (Session 5)

Traveling to Taroth, stop at Dorthren’s

Day 5 (Session 5)

Traveling to Taroth, pass by petrified people on road

Day 6 (Session 5)

Arrive in Taroth, stay at Sober Stone Inn/Bar

Day 7 (Sessions 6 & 7)

Meet Mordason

go to clock tower, fight gargoyles that are trying to steal power stones

Day 8 (Session 8, 9 & 10)

Break into Lord Buldric’s Mannor, defeat Buldric , get power stones and free the Aarakocka, Karlock Swiftwind. 

Day 9 (Session 11, 12 & 13)

Go to sewers, defeat gibbering horrors and declog sewers. Return to Cragstone fortress to get reward, meet king, Talk with Varsellio,

Day 10 (Session 13, 14 & 15)

Varsellio ecapes, Meet Sir Renier Bearheart, Mordason meets with Emissariate, Clear the hold of Undead. Meet Jana Dayton Priestes of Sune, Make preperations to depart to brynshire.


Welcome to the campaign!
The Obsidian Portal page is up!

HI everyone!

If your reading this you've found your way to our campaigns Obsidian Portal page.


I've made this intro as an Adventure log post so you will all see it on the dash board.

There are really three parts of Obsidian Portal that I think we will be using:

The Adventure Log

The Wiki

The Character Section

The Adventure Log: Here we can share any in character summary of games we play that you guys write.

The Wiki: I've already added background on the campaign setting here. You guys can make changes to these pages to add information from your characters back story or new info you discover as we play, If you make changes other then fixing my spelling mistakes, please email me what you changed/ add, as while OP shows what pages are changed in the feed i doesn't show what was changed.

To make a new page or to link to an existing page use two [ on either side of the word that you want to be a new page or the name of the existing page, then save the page. Links to pages with no content are yellow, click on the link and you can then make that page. Links to pages with content are red.

If you make a new page in the wiki and want the banner with the links to other section of the wiki to show up, go to a page with the banner and edit that page, then click on the Source button in the upper left of the edit window, the code for the banner should be at the end of the page. Copy this code into the Source section of the new page and you should have an nice banner.

While we can host images in the media section I recommend hosting them else ware as the space is rather limited 

The Character Section: In this section you can share details on important NPCs and background for your player characters. I wouldn't bother with putting a character sheet here having that in RollD20 will be more usefully.


Their are more features that are available in the pay version but right for now I think sticking with the free option will be the best for us.

Have fun exploring the Wiki and making characters 

Talk to you all soon






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