Rise of Magic

The Bridges of Hobgoblin County
Day 21 (Session 27)

In which the adventurers help the goblins reclaim their power from the hobgoblin usurpers, Victara burns everything, and Callum has an honorable duel to the death with the hobgoblin leader. Though, considering he was advanced interrogating him, it's hard to see the honor in that, as such.

Deal Or No Deal
Day 20 (Session 25 & 26)

In which the adventurers infiltrate a goblin cave and encounter a shaman who is desperate to make a deal to oust the hobgoblins and return him to power. Bonus: Arbellason backstory; his pack was destroyed by a troll and he found Draugathiel!

A Leg To Stand On
Days 19 (Session 24)

In which the adventurers battle spider-pede creatures in the tomb of the wandering raven (from session 1) and search for a secret chamber. Draugathiel has a eureka moment and solves the riddle to get in, and the party retrieves the sword.

The Gnoll Enchillada
Days 17, 18, & 19 (Sessions 22 & 23)

In which the adventurers make friends with a hyena, rescue Victara's old mentor Jarik from the clutches of evil gnolls, fight a demon who feared the light, nearly die on several occasions, and get the hell out of dodge. On the way to Clearspring, Callum charges some goblins, and Draugathiel tries to abandon him. Once there, the adventurers have dinner with the blacksmith, throw an Urkadurk'in good party, and make their way to Landers Silverben. Bonus: Vanilla and Tass argue over who's the laziest party member and in so doing totally let Callum sneak by them during their watch.

King of the Crossroads
Days 15 & 16 (Session 19, 20 and 21)

In  which the adventurers visit in the halfling town at the crossroads, visiting Sendris Sacksville's Spectacular Oddities and — after some searching — find the merchant Kinnor Ironrock at the inn at the Dancing Donkey, defend him from assassination, and send him on his way. Bonus: Callum kills a chest instead of opening it.

Advancing to the Rear
Days 12 - 14 (Session 17 & 18)

In which the adventurers continue on the road to Bryanshire, find some irritating raven-ish people, are slightly robbed by them, and one of the party stumbles into the Tower of Dandryl, which is super filled with drow, and they bamf the f$*& out of there. Bonus: Draugathiel's detective skills confirm that the ominous tower that's obviously a trap is obviously a trap.

If We Only Had a Bryanshire
Day 11 (Session 16)

In which the party fights animated scarecrows while on the road to Bryanshire, saves a woman (Gwen), reunites her with her husband (Edwin) and learns the corpse of their son (Brett) was taken by a necromancer with piercing blue eyes and a tattoo of the eye of Vecna on his wrist named Vadher who seemed to be heading toward Jorun.

It's Only A Flesh Wound
Day 10 (Session 13, 14 & 15)

In which Varsellio escapes, the adventurers meet Sir Renier Bearheart, discover Mordason is meeting with the Emissariate, clear the dungeons of undead, meet Jana Dayton (Priestess of Sunne), and makes preparations to depart to Bryanshire. Bonus: Tassadrin has an emotional reunion with his best friend and sometimes adversary, Nakashin.

Are the walls... breathing?
Day 9 (Session 11, 12 & 13)

In which the adventurers travel to sewers, fight gelatinous cubes, gibbering mouthers, and get their reward from the Mordanson and the king. Bonus: the group gives Varsellio some pointed advice. And his hat.

I'm not the impostor, he's the impostor!
Day 8 (Session 8, 9 & 10)

In which the adventurers break into Lord Buldric’s Mannor, sneak into the laboratory, impersonate the captain of the guards, cause a minor civil dispute, defeat Buldric , retrieve power stones, and free the Aarakocka, Karlock Swiftwind, from his imprisonment. Bonus: Vanilla both can't hit and can't be hit by someone standing ten feet away.


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